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  • Metal Detector Drone


    Metal Detector Drone Photo Of Final Metal Detector Drone

    Metal Detector Drone Locates Gold, Treasure, Caves Utilities & More!

    The Metal Detector Drone will scan the earth and send feedback on where to dig! The 3D imaging software will detect underground “Hot Spots” or “Targets with a video picture of the area where the buried treasure, utilities, or caves are located.

    detector-drone-on-ground Photo Of Drone Grounded

    Metal Detector Drone Locates:

    • Precious Metals
    • Meteorites
    • Place Deposits
    • Gold Ore Bodies
    • Tunnels & Sinkholes
    • Artifacts
    • Relics
    • Kimberlite Dikes For Diamonds
    • Treasure

    3D Imaging Software

    See the red gold target in 3D in this earth scan on a computer screen!

    Red-Shows-Scan-Of-Gold This picture show where the gold is in the earth in red.

    The software will send a wireless communication to your laptop, or ipad for viewing. A camera is attached so you can see the geological map where your gold, precious metals, treasure, tunnel or diamonds are located.

    This new invention will be here soon. We are just fine  tuning the software now so for more information on this metal detector drone contact us at

    We will put you on our waiting list so when drone is completed we will email or telephone you with how to order!

    Or Call Us Now at Toll Free:  (877) 808-6200 or International: 01-541-855-1590

  • XL16 Imager Software Does Google Earth Mapping

    XL16 imager google mapping software scan

    XL16 Imager software For Google Mapping  was custom designed by Accurate Locators.  It was specially programmed for their XL16 Imager Pro and other 3D Imaging metal detectors. This software has the ability for viewing gold veins, lost treasure, underground utilities while detecting anomalies, such as caves and faults in 3D at depths up to 100' deep.
    The XL16 Imager metal detector has very sensitive broadband receivers, enabling it to receive electromagnetic and magnetic signals. With the XL16 Imager Pro, there is no need to transmit a signal into the earth, because of the existing signals that are already present in the earth.
    Above you are seeing a screen shot from the XL16 Imager USA Pro Series metal detector. We have enhanced the imaging 16x times the average with increased data speed. Producing higher resolution and more accurate detection of targets. New features giving you greater control over your scanned image.

    Computerized Screen Shot

    • GPS interface features: Export Map Points, Export Map scans, Longitude/ Latitude coordinates, also Dilution of Precision data for precision of signal received.
    • Project Mode to keep track of your scans while in the field.
    • Adjusts visual of scan relative to original ground balance point 0.0 visual color scales also in black and white.
    • Enhanced saving features to better track your project scans.
    • Enhanced saving features to better track your project scans.
    • Decreased scan lag to increase amount of scans during mobile scanning at higher speed.
    • Added smooth mode to increase accuracy of target shape.

    GPS & Google Earth Mapping

    The XL16 Imager software has a special export function for Earth mapping. Inside the XL16 Imager software scans can be exported to Google maps as ground overlay (KML). It converts the scan either to an image with GPS (global positioning system) references or reaps the entire scans point by point into Google Earth. Mapping the target area or an entire site or claim has never been easier.

    XL16 Imager Software GPS & Google Mapping Picture

    As fast as you can select it from the menu, the Google Earth file (KML) is saved into a special directory, Then can be double clicked or imported from there for use later. Archaeologists, as well as treasure hunters could find this very useful as it can show a multitude of underground areas simultaneously and then show where these areas are in Google Earth for later excavation and discovery.

    GeoSurveyor Software Pro Series Imaging

    XL16 Imager Software GPS & Google Mapping Software

    The GeoSurveyor Software Pro Series was developed exclusively for the Pro Series Imagers, like the XL16 Imager Pro and Dominator Pro Systems. The software was built with simplicity of use in mind. The software has functions to show a standard 2D top view and 3D at the same time which includes the side scan information.  Advanced filtering techniques also enhance the images to better identify targets. The Imaging Pro Series metal detector systems are fully controlled by the GeoSurveyor Pro Series Imaging software developed for the operator to perform scans quickly and easily.

    * software requires our manufactured USA systems or other relational equipment to use software, not compatible with other units

    Contact us for more information on this incredible software!

  • BGR & AGR Metal Detecting Receivers Invented!

    AGR & BGR Receivers See How They Work!

    Find Noble Metals At A Distance! NOT A Dowsing Rod!

    BGR & AGR metal detecting receivers are here! Invented by Accurate Locators these resonant specific instruments can detect noble metals, such as gold at a distance of 100 feet and a depth of 100 feet on a minimum of 10 Lbs of gold volume!

    These instruments work by local A.M. Radio Stations transmitting or sending signals both in the air and under the ground surface, which energizes under ground targets as seen by the treasure chest.  Once gold or treasure is energized, the VLF metal detecting receivers detect the electromagnetic field that resonates and you will see a null on the meter.

    What Is Very Low Frequency

    The Very Low Frequency (VLF) Advanced and Basic Geophysical Metal Detecting Receivers work by local A.M. Radio Stations transmitting or sending signals both in the air and under the ground surface, which energizes under ground targets as seen by the treasure chest. Once elements are energized, the VLF receivers detect the electromagnetic field that resonates at a frequency specific to the metal or material being located.

    VLF consists of a sensitive directional electromagnetic field (EMF) detector, coupled to a high gain electronic amplifier.  The output of this device is connected to RMS digital display voltmeter to give readings of the field measurement, or to an audio amplifier which allows the user to “hear” differences in the electromagnetic field detected.

    *Not for direct receiving of AM transmissions, for a tuned resonant (secondary) frequency signals.

    Tested and proven it has been many years in the making!  Here is the technical information on this product from Mr. Decesari, P.E. Engineer.

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  • High Tech Pulse Blanket Antenna Finds Gold For Dredging

    dredge-pan-med Gold Dredged From Rogue River!

    Blanket Field Test

    Accurate Locators designed, patented, and manufactured a special high tech coil blanket antenna that would operate with a pulse induction metal detector. It is a fantastic combination of a under ground metal detector plus a magnetometer with a special coil for deep, quick underground detection.

    Then it was decided that if this can work on land and find gold, why not use it to detect underwater to locate a great spot that could be dredged for gold. What a time saver that would be! They ventured on to the Rogue River in Oregon where known gold has been dredged for years to test their suspicions.

    For testing, they equipped the wave runner with a pulse induction metal detector and then pulled a blanket antenna coil behind the jet ski.  Then all of a sudden "BEEP, BEEP" they got a strong  hit!"

    Next they put the dredge into the location on the river and sucked the sand looking for gold nuggets.

    Here is the adventurous video that they took of the operation and enlightening experience of getting gold in the pan as seen in the picture above.

    It’s all seen here in this exciting, “Pulse Blanket Gold Dredging Video!”

    Details: How It Happened!

    Pulse Blanket Antenna Detection Finds Gold For Dredging in the Rogue River located in Southern Oregon. It is known to have shallow gravel deposits and some very rich gold pockets. The Rogue is very fast moving so Wayne our Jet Ski operator had to watch where the blanket was in relation to the jet ski so we did not flip the blanket. Chris was the one in the back checking the readings on the Pulse Induction Metal Detector.

    Pulse Blanket Gold Dredging Video in Oregon On The Rogue River! Gold was detected with Pulse Induction Metal Detector and a Blanket Antenna attached to a jet ski. While scanning the river they located some high grade gold pockets and then dredged the area and filled their pan with gold.

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    3' Blanket Coil Antenna 3' Blanket Antenna
  • 29 Troy Ounce Gold Found with Accumeter Pro!

    Gold Found With Accumeter Pro!

    Gold Found  With Accumeter Pro

    One our many lucky customer's found this crucible gold shaped nugget with the Accumeter Pro near Sacramento where the "California Gold Rush Days" took place many years ago. Evidently, some small gold nuggets were melted down in a crucible during the "Gold Rush Days" but unfortunately some poor sole misplaced it.

    Kevin Hamel and his wife were the lucky people to locate it with our Super Pro Accumeter VI metal detector!

    The "ICMJ's Prospecting and Mining Journal" was interested in putting this fabulous story in their magazine so we contacted Kevin Hamel with the great news! He wrote this interesting story of how they found it and then submitted it to the editorial at "ICMJ! " The publication came out in December of 2013 and was also put into their online electronic magazine.

    A Bit Of History:

    The California Gold Rush (1848–1855) began on January 24, 1848, when gold was found by James W. Marshall at Sutter's Mill in Coloma, California.

    Our 29-Troy-Ounce Golden Blessing

    by Kevin Hamel

    After twenty-plus years of metal detecting in the gold country, I thought I had seen just about everything, including coins, gold nuggets, and some very nice relics.

    With summer winding down, my wife and I decided to go try our luck detecting at some old, family-owned private property east of Sacramento.  I took along my conventional VLF detector, my Pro-Spector Gold Locator, and Accumeter Pro VI resistivity meter in the SUV as we headed for Highway 49 via US 50 to the property.

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  • Cutting Edge Metal Detecting News & Blogger Information!


    Welcome To Accurate Locators Blog

    Accurate Locators' Metal Detection Blog was developed for archaeologists, gemologists, treasure hunters gold prospectors, mining operators and utility companies worldwide.  We wanted to share with you the gold and treasure testimonials  from our customers adventures. Yes, gold prospectors and treasure hunters who actually found some "GOLD, TREASURE, RELICS, ARTIFACTS, METEORITES, and DREDGED GOLD with our 3D Imaging Metal Detectors and our Pulse Induction equipment with blanket coil antenna attached!  We also will present to you the latest in metal detector technology along with some interesting gold prospecting and treasure hunting, tips and tricks to use.

    Our Goals:

    Our goals are to provide new metal detecting news and useful information on our new and upcoming products and to help introduce new prospective customers on some of the more basic concepts and principals of the underground detection products and systems on the market today.

    In 1992, our founder Wayne Good was researching the metal detection equipment available in the sector. The problem was that he couldn't find any devices or systems that really penetrated the ground surface more than 6-12 inches.

    Frustrated with the quality and caliber of equipment available in the marketplace, Wayne was on a quest to begin designing and manufacturing superior 3D Imaging underground metal detectors that had the ability to detect precious metals, minerals and other objects deeper in the ground than standard metal detector systems.

    High Tech Equipment Invented:

    Thus, the business of Accurate Locators was formed and we have been creating some of the most reliable metal detection systems and devices in the market place today. We have been engineering, patenting, manufacturing equipment since 1993.

    In 2004, we manufactured and sold our first 3D Magnetic Imager gold and treasure locator with custom designed 3D Imaging Geosurveyor Software so you could "SEE" the gold or treasure on a computerized tablet. The system was integrated with a GPS that does Google Mapping to pinpoint the location for further investigation.

    Proven To Find Gold/Treasure:

    Our blanket pulse induction coil system is used for detecting smaller targets closer to the surface and larger targets deeper in the surface.  We have had tremendous success with pulse induction and the blanket coil system, with one customer finding over $15,000 in gold nuggets, meteorites, buried antiques.

    The blanket coil system can be used on both land and water. It’s all seen in this here, “Pulse Blanket Gold Dredging Video!”

    As seen here in the video, Pulse Induction and Blanket Antenna Find Gold & Meteorites!”

    7 New Patents Filed:

    The thrust of our current development is to deliver high tech cutting edge element specific detection technology, which is recognized in the industry as the holy grail of underground metal detection capability.

    Bookmark this page and stop by frequently for updates on the latest of high tech equipment, metal detecting news about treasure locators and gold finds as well as other interesting news and reports.


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