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Metal Detector Drone


Metal Detector Drone Photo Of Final Metal Detector Drone

Metal Detector Drone Locates Gold, Treasure, Caves Utilities & More!

The Metal Detector Drone will scan the earth and send feedback on where to dig! The 3D imaging software will detect underground “Hot Spots” or “Targets with a video picture of the area where the buried treasure, utilities, or caves are located.

detector-drone-on-ground Photo Of Drone Grounded

Metal Detector Drone Locates:

  • Precious Metals
  • Meteorites
  • Place Deposits
  • Gold Ore Bodies
  • Tunnels & Sinkholes
  • Artifacts
  • Relics
  • Kimberlite Dikes For Diamonds
  • Treasure

3D Imaging Software

See the red gold target in 3D in this earth scan on a computer screen!

Red-Shows-Scan-Of-Gold This picture show where the gold is in the earth in red.

The software will send a wireless communication to your laptop, or ipad for viewing. A camera is attached so you can see the geological map where your gold, precious metals, treasure, tunnel or diamonds are located.

This new invention will be here soon. We are just fine  tuning the software now so for more information on this metal detector drone contact us at

We will put you on our waiting list so when drone is completed we will email or telephone you with how to order!

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