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High Tech Pulse Blanket Antenna Finds Gold For Dredging

dredge-pan-med Gold Dredged From Rogue River!

Blanket Field Test

Accurate Locators designed, patented, and manufactured a special high tech coil blanket antenna that would operate with a pulse induction metal detector. It is a fantastic combination of a under ground metal detector plus a magnetometer with a special coil for deep, quick underground detection.

Then it was decided that if this can work on land and find gold, why not use it to detect underwater to locate a great spot that could be dredged for gold. What a time saver that would be! They ventured on to the Rogue River in Oregon where known gold has been dredged for years to test their suspicions.

For testing, they equipped the wave runner with a pulse induction metal detector and then pulled a blanket antenna coil behind the jet ski.  Then all of a sudden "BEEP, BEEP" they got a strong  hit!"

Next they put the dredge into the location on the river and sucked the sand looking for gold nuggets.

Here is the adventurous video that they took of the operation and enlightening experience of getting gold in the pan as seen in the picture above.

It’s all seen here in this exciting, “Pulse Blanket Gold Dredging Video!”

Details: How It Happened!

Pulse Blanket Antenna Detection Finds Gold For Dredging in the Rogue River located in Southern Oregon. It is known to have shallow gravel deposits and some very rich gold pockets. The Rogue is very fast moving so Wayne our Jet Ski operator had to watch where the blanket was in relation to the jet ski so we did not flip the blanket. Chris was the one in the back checking the readings on the Pulse Induction Metal Detector.

Pulse Blanket Gold Dredging Video in Oregon On The Rogue River! Gold was detected with Pulse Induction Metal Detector and a Blanket Antenna attached to a jet ski. While scanning the river they located some high grade gold pockets and then dredged the area and filled their pan with gold.

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3' Blanket Coil Antenna 3' Blanket Antenna