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Buying Guide

A Metal Detector Buying Guide

This metal Detector buying guide will help you make the right decision on which metal detector to purchase. Unfortunately, there is no detector that will perform perfectly on all terrain. Choosing a detector for a single purpose is a relatively simple task.

Most of us, however, want a detector for a variety of different terrain and so will need to choose carefully to get as close as possible to our requirements. A browse through this site or any magazine is all that is needed to demonstrate that, as a potential metal detector buyer you are spoilt for choice. There are so many to choose from that even for the seasoned detector enthusiast the task is made no easier.

Buying Guide Questions:

So where do you start? How do you sift through the metal detector minefield and find the detector best suited to your needs? This short buyers guide has been prepared based on our knowledge of metal detectors and our experiences of supplying metal detectors over recent years:

  • The first consideration is to decide how much you are prepared to spend and if that amount is to include accessories (the most important of these being headphones and a digging tool).
  • The next question is where will most of your detecting be carried out? This is possibly the hardest question to consider, especially for the beginner, but it does have a bearing on what you buy. The easiest approach if you are not sure is to think about your geographical location, as most people tend to detect locally. For instance, are you near enough to the beach and know you will detect there? Perhaps you live inland and will never visit the beach, but will your sites be on arable land, pasture or park, etc?
  • Finally the weight of your new detector is also important, as it is no good ordering the perfect detector only to discover you can hardly lift it!

Once you have these basic questions answered, it is time to read the brochures and look at the detectors that fit into your classifications.

Finally, talk to us - don't be afraid to ask the questions the brochures never seem to answer.

Remember, your new detector is going to be your companion for a long time and your success in the hobby depends on you making the right start with the right equipment.

So give us a call at (toll-free US & Canada) 877-808-600 or +01 541-855-1590 (International) and let one of our experienced metal detector specialists assist you in getting the right detector.