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Gold Find Testimonials

The USA Imager Underground Surveyor Apparatus™ Uncovers An Ancient Tomb In Turkey By Archeologists!

 Testimonial 1:

 Acheologists Surveying For Ancient Tomb In Turkey Archeologists Detecting With The USA Imager

Archeologists detecting with the USA Imager Underground Surveyor and in the process of discovering where the Ancient Tomb In Turkey is located. The treasure image in Turkey was later located by the legal and invited archaeologists who's mission was to see if they could locate an image the tombs with a USA Imager Underground Surveyor. They were performing a noninvasive survey only but were able to acquire these photos! This treasure and a large amount of gold were in the tombs.

Yet don't go there and hunt without all of the permits in place. Twenty American treasure hunters are serving 10 years each for hunting without a permit and several more arrested and waiting trial. (see the story below On Tomb Raid)

Turkey is known for treasure and it is called the cradle of much civilization. Abraham brought his father there to Haran. The Assyrians, Sumerians, Hitties, Seleucids, Greeks, Romans and Ottoman Empire all possessed it at one time or another. It is the bridge between Europe, Asia, and near the East. The ancients have buried there people with their fortunes for thousands of years.

The archaeologists searched for the unknown target (a royal tomb, thousands of years old). The USA Imager Underground Surveyor equipment allowed them to discover the depth and approximate amount of gold buried in each tomb which was removed by the officials from the Turkish government.

 The USA Imager showed a depth to be 10.14 feet to the top covers of tomb (3 meters) and there was a large amount of gold in the tombs that was 24-26 feet deep.

The USA Imaging Surveyor shows blue lines which are the lid of the tomb on a computer laptop. You will know when you have found the gold or treasure it. These are the scans a tomb showing the gold, one is from the top and the other is an oblique view of tomb.

Other tombs were located some of them valuable in contents, some not. Important data was collected that allowed the archeologists to understand and identify the tombs in Turkey. Photos below show part of the identification system.

 Dr. John Melancon is a world renowned archaeologist who curates a semiprivate museum in Cortez, CO. In 2009 (or whatever date applies), Dr. Melancon purchased a USA Imager Underground Surveyor Apparatus™ from Accurate Locators. Dr. Melancon recently discovered an ancient tomb in Turkey using the USA Imager.

The photo shows the tomb entrance - confirmation of the significance of the find. Dr. Melancon reports there is a marble wall with a set of steps leading down to the tomb. The Turkish Ministry of Culture has brought in expert archeologists to carefully uncover and protect the treasures located at the site.

Dr. Melancon carefully scanned the area with the USA Imager, and he was able to analyze the scans immediately on site by using the software provided with the package.

The USA Imager Underground Surveyor Apparatus™ located two tombs at an estimated depth of approximately 3 meters or 9 1/2 feet deep. His scans revealed the two bright red images pictured below - 3D images of tombs.

With its enhanced new metal detecting technology and computerized underground 3D imaging and underground mapping, the USA Imager is an excellent archeological tool for professionals and amateurs.

Accurate Locators will update this page with news from the tomb as the careful excavation progresses. The Turkish Ministry of Culture is in the process of planning a museum devoted to this culturally significant discovery.

This site was surveyed with the archeologists using a USA Imager in preparation for excavation with legal permission in place. We were just informed that the tomb to be exhumed by a professional archeological team was raided by the Turkish Secret and locals from the area. Information reprinted with permission from John Melancon.

 Here is another adventure in the field from one of our customers using a USA Runabout.

 Testimonial 2

James With USA Runabout Imager Find

James Campiglia discusses the rewarding business of professional bottle digging.


Hello Accurate Locators, Reggie Shoeman and I have dug bottles for many years. When he lived in Las Vegas we were both members of the local bottle club. The club used to go on digs, they still do I think, and Reggie went on many of them taking me along when my parents were busy. This was back when I was about 10 years old. I consider myself a bottle expert as I spent more time reading bottle books and magazines than doing my homework- and still got good grades. I have continued my passion for bottles and enjoy constantly learning more. Right now I just want to be down in an old outhouse digging!

Here are 2 additional photos of bottles we have found. I actually bought 2 at a shop in CA from a digger. I think the green soda was dug years ago, it's an old blob soda from San Francisco circa 1859 to 61. The larger brown bottle is a DR. J. Hostetter's Stomach Bitters an early varying shade of amber issue with a plain base (usually a glass company's initials were on the base) circa 1870. The Hostetter's Stomach Bitters is one of my favorite areas of bottle collecting as this is the first bottle given to me by my grandma.

The big salt glazed jug Reggie found deep in the big hole behind where an early hotel once stood in Iowa. I was not there for the dig but my partnership in owning our Accurate Locators USA Runabout won me this bottle when the bottles were divvied up that day. The amber indented panel bottle shown close up here is Primley's Wahoo & Iron Tonic from Elkhart, Ind. Circa 1870's with an applied, and crooked, lip. I am not well versed on mid west bottles but research shows this to be rather scarce and so far the best bottle we have found with perhaps a market value of $500 to $1,000. It has great amber color shading with a little olive green in it. This amazingly came out of the ground almost as good as the day it was tossed away over 130 years ago! This was no easy bottle to remove. Removal took about a half an hour as it was wedged in with old broken restaurant ware plates and dishes, etc. I can not explain the excitement when you see just the base of a bottle like this and eventually the whole thing is resting in your hands undamaged!

We still have more to dig out of this same huge pit, but that's for another day. We found several old plain medicines and extract bottles and another smaller jug we are giving to the local property owner who allowed us permission to dig here. While digging a man came by and told us of a real old stage coach stop we were unaware of. The fun of the digging is you never know what's in the next hole or shovel full!


James Campiglia

Super Detector USA Runabout Imager Pro Bottle Fever

Testimonial 3


Bottles Found With USA Runabout Imager

Tales from the "Electromagnetic Prospector"

USA Runabout Imager

Reggie Shoeman tells Accurate Locators about his experience using the USA Runabout

As a long time bottle digger and artifact hunter, I am constantly looking for easier and more efficient ways to locate and recover the antique bottles, pottery, coins and other historic or potentially valuable items that were lost or tossed down the "little house out back". In the days before indoor plumbing the Outhouse or Privy as it was often called, was often used for trash disposal as well as it's intended usage.

Our search for that better way to find bottles led to the website of Accurate Locators. My partner James Campiglia of Bozeman, Montana and I purchased a Runabout from Accurate a few months ago.

In the past I have used a spring steel probe rod to shove in the ground and "feel" the difference between undisturbed ground and the filled in outhouses, wells, trash pit or other areas near the homes and business sites of early settlers.

While good items were found, it was often not an easy task to find these holes; many were undoubtedly missed by probing, especially in areas that receive little precipitation. Most of my early digging was done in Nevada and Arizona; hours were spent probing thru desert baked soil underlain with rock. Now, however, Accurate Locators has taken the hunt for glass and other treasures to a new level. My partner James Campiglia and I employ a USA RUNABOUT along with digital maps and GPS technology for a quick and accurate survey of areas that are likely to hold a miners discarded whiskey bottle, the saloon girls perfume vial, or who knows what else.

I presently live near Des Moines in central Iowa. There are millions of acres of farm land across the nation that hide often long forgotten sites of early settlements. Railroads bypassed these towns, the river changed course, these communities then shriveled on the vine and died. There were around 4,000 post offices in the state of Iowa alone. Well over half of these historic sites, I believe, are in a farm field or on a open parcel of land. The potential for recovering great items is boundless.

When looking for the potential sites in an area that have good potential I use the Runabout with the custom built 8 foot antenna which can be mounted on the back of a vehicle. And we have a jerry-rigged garden cart that enables us to walk around in more confined areas.

The new scan setup wizard gives us the options of entering the length of the row in seconds, or the live mode. I generally choose the timed scan, but do use the live mode, at times, to pinpoint the edges of the "hole".

The laptop computer gives a 10 color readout, the higher electromagnetic fields present, such as an old cook stove thrown in an outhouse buried several feet deep would probably read as a red anomaly. If you passed over a plastic water line, the display would tend to read a light blue indicating a lower magnetic field.

I generally use what Accurate Locators calls the "Live Mode". The laptop computer gives a 10 color readout, the higher electromagnetic fields present, such as an old cook stove thrown in an outhouse buried several feet deep would probably read as a red anomaly. If you passed over a plastic water line, the display would tend to read a dark blue indicating a lower magnetic field.

The optional 8 foot custom antenna, in my opinion was well worth the additional cost. I can survey an area in a few hours that would take a few days or more without the larger antenna. There is no need to grid out the area you are searching. I push the cart across the yard looking for a variation in the background color on the laptop computer. When I approach the side of a brick lined well, or perhaps a brick lined outhouse I will tend to get a dramatic and sudden change from a lighter background color toward a bright red. The width of the potential dig area can normally be determined by a quick glance at the screen. Most outhouses behind a residence are 4 feet square or so. If the target takes up half the screen then one side of the spot is about 4 feet wide.

Using the live mode I can slowly back away from the anomaly until the color changes to the background color. Using a slow back and forth motion I can normally pinpoint where the side of the possible hole is within an inch or two!

If this potential spot is in the middle of a farm field I mark the GPS position and save it in the Terrain Navigator Pro software (made by Maptech) and drive back to the spot next week or next year. My GPS is accurate to about 7 to 9 feet most of the time, and I can relocate this anomaly in 2 or 3 passes, thanks again to the 8 foot antenna!

There are many uses for Accurate Locator imagers. A Runabout can easily locate tiles used to drain farm fields. These are often difficult to locate with a probe when they need repair. Clay tiles especially are a strong target.

Hanging the large antenna off the back of a vehicle I have personally located several transcontinental pipelines near each other crossing under a highway. I was traveling at least 50 miles per hour! These were probably 10 inches in diameter or so. However, I also found much smaller water lines crossing under roads while traveling at the same speed. Accurate Locators is even better than advertised!

I am currently involved in researching many spots in the Western states. Spring is coming. Hidden tunnels, opium dens, trash dumps, and the old prospector's outhouse are all waiting to be found with your ACCURATE LOCATORS.

Thanks for the great product,

Reg Shoeman
Madrid, Iowa 

Gold And Meteorites Found With SSP-2100 & Blanket Antenna By Rod

Testimonial 4

 Gold & Meteorites found With Blanket Antenna & SSP-2100

 Hello fellow gold miners.

 My name is Rod. We go to Arizona in the winter months and detect for placer gold. I am using the Accurate Locator SSP-2100 and 1-meter by 1-meter coil. I tried other metal detectors with some success, but the Accurate Locator SSP-2100 metal has made my trip better than ever.

I was setup using the SSP-2100 metal detector while the gang was eating lunch up on the hill and I decided to join them. As I crossed a wash to get to them I hit a target that set it off like a fire engine going to the biggest fire in town.

Let's go back a little to tell you how I use the Accurate Locator SSP-2100 metal detector. I made a special tongue to pull the SSP-2100 behind my ATV. When I hit this big target I unhooked the 2100 and rolled it by hand back and forth over the target to locate the loudest signal. I began digging the target when the gang on the hill saw me digging they came down to see what was going on.

The gang helped me dig the target, as it was very large area. We took 29 nuggets and screened the area and made about 1 ounce of flake gold. The total for this target gave us 2 and 3/4 ounces. The total money made by the SSP-2100 on this target gave us $2,875. I think the Accurate Locator SSP-2100 is the best machine on the market today!

This 2011 winter, we went to AZ again and found all kinds of treasure, including several large gold nuggets (from 1 gram to 7/8 ounce) at 2 to 3 ft. depth for one of our first finds.

Then the third time, I took my dad on our last find of the 2011 AZ winter, we discovered a Model T hub cap at 4 feet, a tin can at 5 ft., 6 documented meteorites on the surface, a horse harness ring at 3.5 ft., a 3.5 ounce copper nugget, some rifle and shot gun casings at 1.5 to 2 ft. We also found 29 small nuggets. We found a total of 3.875 ounces of gold and stories to last a lifetime. It was really amazing to be there with my 84 year old dad (a WWII Veteran) finding items that he had seen the like of when they were new. When we got home we found out that we had over $15,000.00 worth of gold nuggets, meteorites and buried antiques.

For the past four years I have gone from fair success to double my loot! Just by changing to the Accurate Locator SSP 2100 and blanket antenna it has made our adventures so much more fun because I know that when we hear that "BEEP" I've found another desert treasure!
Check Out The You Tube Video Here:

You Tube Video Of Gold & Meteorites Found!

Read more about it at pulse induction & blankets!

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