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Discovery & Beep Antenna Find Coins In Sinkhole!

Sinkhole Find With USA Discovery & Beep Antenna!

By John Casey

 Here is John's Strory of how it happened.

Coins Found With Discovery & Beep AntennaUSA Discovery 3D Imaing System

John said, "While we were doing the property scan with the Discovery EM around the old foundation I got a hit for a small non- ferrous target on the inside of the foundation. I thought it was an anomaly and did a cross scan and a re-scan to double check. It showed up again in the re-scan, but did not show in the cross scan. I ran the Beep Antenna over the spot and sure enough a hit.

I got a shovel and dug down about 3 ft. when I discovered this Mason jar ½ filled with over 50 silver quarters in almost perfect shape, a few old large cents, a few seated liberty’s and ½ dozen or so Kennedy halves all pre 1964  Oldest coin was 1899 liberty ½.. What a great find, totally unexpected.  We have done 100’s sinkhole scans and have never come across such a nice bonus."

Best regards,

John Casey Geo Scan Inc.

John Casey
Geo Scan Inc.