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Gold Bar Treasure Find In The Philippines!

Gold Bar Treasure Find In The Philippines!

In 2008, Utilizing an Accurate Locators Imaging System and a Pulse Induction Detector, back in 2008 these treasure hunters were able to locate this gold bullion. The treasure hunters first located the tunnel system from an imaging system and then discriminated and pinpointed with a Pulse Induction unit. This picture shows two of many gold bars found at the 80 foot level.

Tunnel Entrance
The below picture shows a void or tunnel at 25 feet below the surface which was found as a result of analysis of an image showing a large underground anomaly. Notice the old bricks where they busted through to the tunnel chamber.

Inside Tunnel

The photo below shows the tunnel continuing downward through old wood and shoring and a lot of water.

Man Made Chamber

The photo below shows the man made cement treasure chamber with old rusted metal pipes in the shape of a snake that points the direction to the gold cache.

Japanese Pipe Markers

The photo below shows a close-up of the Japanese pipe marker snake.The photo below shows the entrance to the treasure chamber.

Entrance To Treasure Chamber

The photo below shows a bomb that was discovered in the same tunnel system; it was tested and found to be a dead bomb. However it now serves as a gong to call the workers to lunch.

Bomb Discovered In Tunnel Made Into A Gong

Submitted by D. Langston