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Gold Found Dave Rainey

Hi I’m Dave Puck Rainey and I found gold Accurate Locator’s SSP-2100 pulse induction metal detector discriminator. Accurate Locators is years ahead of it’s competition in many areas.

Gold Found Dave Rainey

It is a package that is designed to be practical for back country field usage with no compromise on power output and related penetration depth. The wide array of available coils for this system assure detection of both ferrous and non-ferrous targets at depths not considered the norm for hand-held detection systems. A football field sized area can be covered by two people in an hour with one of these units coupled with the large antenna coil. The large battery packs last for much longer than what you have previously experienced in the field. The three packs that I take with me on extended multi-week journeys are usually still very usable at journey’s end.

The proprietary discrimination circuitry really lets you know what you are specifically dealing with beneath the surface. My SSP-2100 pulse induction metal detector discriminator has found many small, hard to detect fragments of gold reliably at depths where other top makes would fail completely.

Believe me, after researching and using many other types of detectors, I have personally confirmed that this is the best performing production unit sold to the public! All connections and cabling are as stout as can be practically made for rugged use. If this unit has survived the locations I have dragged it to, it will work superbly for you also!

Sincerely, Dave “Puck” Rainey (MTV’s “Real World: San Francisco” And Adventurer of Note)

Submitted January 7, 2007