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Gold Found With SSP-2100 & Blanket Antenna

Precious Metals, Meteorites and Gold Found With SSP-2100 & Blanket Antenna!

Here is Rod’s story on how gold and meteorites were found with Accurate Locator SSP 2100 and blanket antenna.


Hello fellow gold miners.

My name is Rod. We go to Arizona in the winter months and detect for placer gold. I am using the Accurate Locator SSP 2100 and 1-meter by 1-meter coil. I tried other metal detectors with some success, but the Accurate Locator SSP- 2100 metal has made my trip better than ever.

I was setup using the SSP-2100 metal detector while the gang was eating lunch up on the hill and I decided to join them. As I crossed a wash to get to them I hit a target that set it off like a fire engine going to the biggest fire in town.

Let’s go back a little to tell you how I use the Accurate Locator SSP-2100 metal detector. I made a special tongue to pull the SSP 2100 behind my ATV. When I hit this big target I unhooked the 2100 and rolled it by hand back and forth over the target to locate the loudest signal. I began digging the target when the gang on the hill saw me digging they came down to see what was going on.

The gang helped me dig the target, as it was very large area. We took 29 nuggets and screened the area and made about 1 ounce of flake gold. The total for this target gave us 2 and 3/4 ounces. The total money made by the SSP- 2100 on this target gave us $2,875. I think the Accurate Locator SSP 2100 is the best machine on the market today!

This 2011 winter, we went to AZ again and found all kinds of treasure, including several large gold nuggets (from 1 gram to 7/8 ounce) at 2 to 3 ft. depth for one of our first finds.

Gold, Metorites & Relics Found With SSP2100 & Blanket Antenna Rod's Dad Found Meteorites Gold, Metorites & Relics Found With SSP2100 & Blanket Antenna

Then the third time, I took my dad on our last find of the 2011 AZ winter, we discovered a Model T hub cap at 4 feet, a tin can at 5 ft., 6 documented meteorites on the surface, a horse harness ring at 3.5 ft., a 3.5 ounce copper nugget, some rifle and shot gun casings at 1.5 to 2 ft. We also found 29 small nuggets. We found a total of 3.875 ounces of gold and stories to last a lifetime. It was really amazing to be there with my 84 year old dad (a WWII Veteran) finding items that he had seen the like of when they were new. When we got home we found out that we had over $15,000.00 worth of gold nuggets, meteorites and buried antiques.

For the past four years I have gone from fair success to double my loot! Just by changing to the Accurate Locator SSP-2100 and blanket antenna it has made our adventures so much more fun because I know that when we hear that “BEEP” I’ve found another desert treasure!

SSP-2100 Pulse Induction Metal Detector & Blanket Antenna In Action!

Rod Scanning Ground On His ATV

SSP 2100 Pulse Induction Metal DetectorBlanket Antenna Found Gold, Metorites and Relics

SSP-2100 & Blanket Antennas

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