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Metal Detector Guide

The information in the “Metal Detector Guide” is here to help you understand the excitement of metal detecting. The word metal detector would probably be defined in a dictionary as something like ‘The process of locating metal objects using an electronic device’. However, this rather cold description fails to mention the many aesthetic aspects you will discover when delving deeper into this fascinating hobby.

There are numerous pleasures associated with Metal Detecting, such as healthy outdoor exercise and the companionship of fellow enthusiasts, but there is one exciting component that puts Metal Detecting way above any other pastime – TREASURE!

What is treasure? In short, it is what ever you want it to be, or anything that is precious to you. If you have it because you love and enjoy it, then it is your treasure. This need for treasure is part of being human and has been an obsession and passion of man since a time before he could even truly be called man. Even from those early beginnings, he has held a desire for treasure, a need to own, love and protect it. Treasure has driven him to travel the world, to fight, even kill, often risking his own life in the name of this desire.

But generally when anyone thinks of treasure, they conjure up images of pirate chests overflowing with gold and silver, of coins, jewelry and other such valuable trinkets. Metal Detecting takes you closer to this perception of treasure than any other pastime simply because valuable items can be, and frequently are, found with metal detectors.

" The Thrill of the Chase"

However, as you are about to discover, there is much more to this hobby than mere financial gain. Metal Detecting is about the thrill of the chase and the excitement of unearthing an object not touched by man for hundreds, possibly thousands of years. As your collection grows, you will have the satisfaction of knowing that this treasure is yours to hold and look at any time, whilst for most people the view of similar items is hampered by the reflection of museum glass.

Welcome to a fascinating and rewarding hobby which takes you on a journey through time. A hobby that reveals the millions of ways man has used metals to ease and enrich his life. There is always the possibility of finds that hold monetary or archaeological value. What ever the finds value is, they will all have a story to tell. Each find is another piece of the massive jigsaw that is history.

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