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Accumeter Detected Treasure Chest 60 Feet Deep!

Accumeter Detected Treasure Chest 60 Feet Deep!

The Accumeter Detected Treasure Chest at 60+ feet deep! This gold treasure chest was detected with cash and bundles of US treasure bonds in a tunnel in the Philippines!

Accumeter Detected Treasure Chest TestimonialAccumeter Super Pro Finds Treasure Chest

As the story goes, many years ago a Japanese soldier during the war once visited a Japanese man he signed a contract with the owner of a piece of land and told the land owner that there was around a 7 truck load full of gold bars loaded on a truck and buried at one of the tunnels in the area. After the contract was signed the old man returned to Japan to prepare for all the needed tools but unfortunately he didn’t come back to start looking for the truck load of gold bars. The land owner assumed that he might be dead of old age or an accident that’s why he didn’t come back.

Some folks said that many old Japanese tourist had come to their place and rented a parcel of land to develop it as a coconut copra drier. They did some construction put up mills as part of the development. Then the Japanese men would just vanish without notice. The land owner checked his lot and they dug a hole the tunnel on his property and they left it unattended.

Since then a Filipino gentleman bought an Accumeter Super Pro and began investigating in Mati Mindanao, Philippines. He found the treasure chest inside a tunnel where some old folks claimed it to have been. It was difficult because the soil had lots of moisture and fertilizer but with the help of Jason Lieber from Accurate Locators the gold treasure chest with the $100,000 bills and stacks of US treasury bonds was detected with the Accumeter Super Pro.

Call today and find out how our Accumeter Super Pro can detect a treasure chest, gold veins, precious minerals, tunnels, and voids. in the  It can make you rich too!

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