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Mounted USA 3D Utility Locator On Polais ATV!

Mounted USA Utility Locator Polaris Test!

Once again as we further our tests and testimonies with the metal detecting USA Ground Imaging Units, mounted USA 3D Utility Locator on Polaris is here. This is some more useful information regarding scanning and location of finds. More ideas from Accurate Locators plague the world of discovery and location. We must further test the bounds of ideas, questioning just one thing, “Is there anything the USA cannot be attached to, or used for?” We’ll see.

USA Imager Mounted On Polaris ATV

We decide that we’re going to break the idea of being reserved in the most useful ideas category. We’ve begun testing on the biggest toy of all, a Six-Wheel Drive Polaris (A true 6X6). We decide to use the same antenna that we previously used on the jet boat and had astonishing results.

Along with the ease of use when it comes to the surveyor equipment, the idea of mounting the antenna on the front end of the Polaris was now proven essential. We already know that the sampling rate of the USA is one of the fastest on the market, so therefore the speed of the scan was not a problem.

After mounting the antenna, we figured that the test bed for the scans was going to be the reconstruction project grounds here in Gold Hill, Oregon. Our goal: to identify septic, water, and utility lines crossing some of the main roads at this location.

USA 3D Scans From Testing Equipment mounted on ATV

USA Scan 1 First by mounting the antenna to the front, and the location of the control unit and laptop in the cab of the Polaris, we then proceed to setup the scan starting first with a long distance scan consisting of one row, from the starting point from Accurate Locators 50 pulse scan. The target determined was that of a Manhole Cover and void.

Manhole Cover

USA Scan 2 The second scan we wanted to see results for was how well the sensors would react to a steel structure below pavement and how the scan would look Note the high reaction of the steel railroad lines and the ground balancing of the sensors as they react to this situation, canceling all other interference with the target.

Steel Railroad Lines

The third target was an unknown in the sense that we had no idea what the reaction of the scan would produce. So we set the pulse to 50 and proceeded USA Scan 3 to scan one of the noted historic bridges here on the outskirts of Gold Hill. As we approached the target of the bridge, we noticed the sensors were reacting at a constant rate. Then the threshold of the bridge appeared as we entered the steel re-enforced concrete platform, the sensors responded showing the steel rebar within the concrete on the final image. The sensors then dropped back to the constant field that the ground balancing portrayed at the start of the scan.

Steel Structure

USA Scan 4 The fourth scan we performed was just up the street of the main avenue through Gold Hill. This scan we set to another 50 pulse in the software and proceeded with a one row scan. Keep in mind that all of these scans so far have exceeded 15 MPH. At the start of the scan, the sensors ground balanced and responded to the first part of a target being that of another Manhole cover, the second target was that of a water main towards the end of the scan. A very simple scan (minus traffic) but concluded a thorough scan of this water main that continued across the road between houses.

Water Main

Finally our last scan taken was that of the image (Marked 5) that consisted of USA Scan 5 another 50 pulse scan from the software setup. At the end of this scan we concluded that we had another locate at excessive speeds. This find was what appeared to be a gas line once again crossing the road between houses. Very simple targets they were, but very essential for the location of utilities in rural areas including septic, water, gas and concrete culverts. And to top it off, once again proving that the USA never cease to amaze us when it comes to proving the capabilities and possibilities of detection and utility locators using some of the most advanced technology on the market.

Gas Line

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