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Archeologists Use USA Imager To Locate Ancient Turkey Tomb

Archeologists Use USA Imager Underground Surveyor Apparatus™ To Uncover An Ancient Tomb In Turkey!

Archeologists detecting with the USA Imager Underground Surveyor and in the process of discovering where the Ancient Tomb In Turkey is located. The treasure image in Turkey was later located by the legal and invited archaeologists who's mission was to see if they could locate an image the tombs with a USA Imager Underground Surveyor. They were performing a noninvasive survey only but were able to acquire these photos! This treasure and a large amount of gold were in the tombs.

USA Imager Locates Ancient Tomb

Yet don't go there and hunt without all of the permits in place. Twenty American treasure hunters are serving 10 years each for hunting without a permit and several more arrested and waiting trial. 

Turkey is known for treasure and it is called the cradle of much civilization. Abraham brought his father there to Haran. The Assyrians, Sumerians, Hitties, Seleucids, Greeks, Romans and Ottoman Empire all possessed it at one time or another. It is the bridge between Europe, Asia, and near the East. The ancients have buried there people with their fortunes for thousands of years.

The archaeologists searched for the unknown target (a royal tomb, thousands of years old). The USA Imager Underground Surveyor equipment allowed them to discover the depth and approximate amount of gold buried in each tomb which was removed by the officials from the Turkish government.

 The USA Imager showed a depth to be 10.14 feet to the top covers of tomb (3 meters) and there was a large amount of gold in the tombs that was 24-26 feet deep.

Archeologist At Tomb Entrance

The USA Imaging Surveyor shows blue lines which are the lid of the tomb on a computer laptop. You will know when you have found the gold or treasure it. These are the scans a tomb showing the gold, one is from the top and the other is an oblique view of tomb.

Other tombs were located some of them valuable in contents, some not. Important data was collected that allowed the archeologists to understand and identify the tombs in Turkey. 

 Dr. John Melancon is a world renowned archaeologist who curates a semiprivate museum in Cortez, CO. In 2009 (or whatever date applies), Dr. Melancon purchased a USA Imager Underground Surveyor Apparatus™ from Accurate Locators. Dr. Melancon recently discovered an ancient tomb in Turkey using the USA Imager.

The photo shows the tomb entrance - confirmation of the significance of the find. Dr. Melancon reports there is a marble wall with a set of steps leading down to the tomb. The Turkish Ministry of Culture has brought in expert archeologists to carefully uncover and protect the treasures located at the site.

Dr. Melancon carefully scanned the area with the USA Imager, and he was able to analyze the scans immediately on site by using the software provided with the package.

The USA Imager Underground Surveyor Apparatus™ located two tombs at an estimated depth of approximately 3 meters or 9 1/2 feet deep. His scans revealed the two bright red images pictured below - 3D images of tombs.

With its enhanced new metal detecting technology and computerized underground 3D imaging and underground mapping, the USA Imager is an excellent archeological tool for professionals and amateurs.

Accurate Locators will update this page with news from the tomb as the careful excavation progresses. The Turkish Ministry of Culture is in the process of planning a museum devoted to this culturally significant discovery.

This site was surveyed with the archeologists using a USA Imager in preparation for excavation with legal permission in place. We were just informed that the tomb to be exhumed by a professional archeological team was raided by the Turkish Secret and locals from the area. Information reprinted with permission from John Melancon.

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